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The Electrolux product range

Calvino, The Kitchen Appliance Store's chef's guide to Electrolux appliances:

A combination of trusted Scandinavian design and the recognition that, although modern-day customers lead a busy life they still need stylish design in their home.

The end result is a beautiful and wide range of built-in kitchen appliances to suit everyone's requirements. The Electrolux range is affordable without compromising on quality, as demonstrated by their Inspiro award-winning oven.

Electrolux's built-in appliance range offers the latest in design whilst providing all the features you will need to produce perfect results, whatever you are doing in the kitchen.

The superb range of hobs, ovens and microwaves will give you everything you need for the perfect meal. Electrolux also bring you frost free fridges at affordable prices and an impressive range of dishwashers, and washing machines.

Why Electrolux?

Electrolux built-in appliances offer you a wide choice at affordable prices within their award winning range. The products are innovative with many features ensuring you get a reliable product with an established name that has been around for many years. Have a look at the Electrolux Global Design range - a stunning choice of appliances created to meet the original Scandinavian design values.

Calvino says?

Electrolux appliances offer a good, broad middle of the range choice, giving good value for money, complete with stylish products.

The TKAS Video Player - Electrolux Product Features
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