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Calvino, The Kitchen Appliance Store's chef's guide to DeDietrich appliances:

De Dietrich is renowned as a supplier of quality market-leading kitchen appliances that combine innovation with beautiful design.

The company has been at the forefront of life-changing technological advances for more than 300 years.

De Dietrich were the first manufacturer to introduce pyroclean self-cleaning ovens, which work by heating the interior of the appliance to 500°C to carbonise all cooking residue into a fine ash.

They were also responsible for modern induction technology, where heat is transferred direct to the pan through electrical induction, providing faster heating, improved thermal efficiency and more uniform heat.

Why De Dietrich?

De Dietrich continues to lead the industry in researching ways to enhance modern kitchens and pioneer technological advances in the homeware market.

It has always been one step ahead, constantly occupying an avant-garde position in creativity and innovation.

De Dietrich appliances truly are objects of desire and the choice of connoisseurs and professionals who demand excellence and perfection.

It is an internationally-acclaimed brand borne from generations of passion for excellence coupled with a desire to offer continual progressive solutions in a forever-changing world.

Calvino says:

De Dietrich appliances are the very pinnacle of excellence in kitchen appliances, with a tradition of beauty and combining sophistication and innovation with a highly refined look.

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The De Dietrich brand
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