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The Britannia product range
Range Cookers

Calvino, The Kitchen Appliance Store's chef's guide to Britannia appliances:

Our relationship with Britannia goes back many years. Members of our team have been on Britannia product training courses where we have cooked on their range cookers, so we know the brand first hand.

We also understand the differences between their different products, including the Q-Line, Delphi, Fleet and Wyre ranges and which one is the right choice for you.

We can also talk you through why a Britannia induction range cooker might be the one to keep you ahead of the game as well as giving expert advice on stay clean liners and all the accessories available.

Britannia also offer stylish hoods, some of which are intelligent enough to know to switch themselves on!

Many range cookers are available in stunning colours including Steel, Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss Cream, Matt Black, Matt Cream, and Matt Burgundy.

Complementary hoods include Arioso, Spiritoso, Latour, Omaggio, Legato, Brioso and Intimo.

Why Britannia?

Britannia's slogan is Taste is Everything, which refers not only to the dishes you cook but also styling of their products, which is the epitome of good taste.

You can see the superiority of the Britannia range cooker, which just looks and feels like the top quality product it is. The whole machine is built to last and there are different styles to suit your home, whether you are looking for ultra-modern or a more traditional style.

Each range cooker can be adjusted to be level with your work surfaces and each cooker has added insulation so you won't be disturbed by noise whilst you enjoy good conversation over your glass of wine as your food is cooked.

The Britannia collection also includes a superb range of chimney hoods and canopy motor units allowing you to select exactly the right one to finish off your kitchen with style.

Calvino says:

We believe the unmistakeable quality of the Britannia range cooker, together with its superb designs and features, really does speak for itself and will provide you with a superb centre piece in your kitchen which will make you the envy of all your friends.

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