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The Kitchen Appliance Store buyers guide to Range Cookers

Avoid common ordering and installation errors...

  • Allow enough room for the doors to open fully, especially when fitted with telescopic shelves.
  • Make sure you have ordered the correct colour code including the trim.
  • Be sure which combination of fuel types you need.
  • These ovens are intended for domestic use only.
  • Gas cookers must only be fitted by a GAS SAFE (formerly CORGI) registered fitter.
  • Check that there is a gas supply to the kitchen before buying

   Range cookers are available in a wide range of sizes. These sizes can range from 800mm to 1500mm wide. Generally they are 600mm deep, but there are some that are not. Always check first if this dimension is critical.

There is also a wide range of styles available. Most manufacturers offer both Traditional and Contemporary designs and there will also be solid door and porthole doors available occasionally.

Range cookers have a greater oven capacity than built in ovens. The average range cooker oven has a capacity of 63 litres, whereas a built in oven is more like to be 55 litres. Some Britannia models have a capacity of almost 80 litres.

These cookers are also offered in different fuel types:


Dual fuel

This is the most popular option giving the best of both fuel options.The oven(s) are electric and the hob gas.
View our range of dual fuel range cookers



Both the oven(s) and hob will be electric. The hob could be solid plate, ceramic or induction.
View our range of electric range cookers



The oven(s) and hob are gas. Some manufacturers offer LPG versions please check before ordering.
View our range of gas range cookers

Cast Iron pan supports.

These are considered to be the most durable and are often described as heavy pan supports (for obvious reasons). Generally, this type should not be put into a dishwasher for cleaning as they can rust. Hobs with cast iron supports are normally slightly more expensive than models offered with enamelled supports.

Enamelled pan supports/burner caps.

These are normally manufactured from mild steel and then enamelled. This type can normally be cleaned in a dishwasher. Over a long period of time, the enamel can become brittle and chip off due to the amount of heat generated by the gas burners. The burner caps will become dull, and this can happen relatively quickly.

Additional information.

   Many manufacturers recommend that a gap of 50mm, for gas or dual fuel cookers, is left either side of the appliance. A gap of between 5mm-15mm is normally recommended for all electric cookers. Britannia ranges can be fitted right up to adjacent furniture due to the very high quality insulation on the cooker. These products are intended for domestic use only. If used in a commercial environment, the warranty will be invalid. Since 2011 all gas hobs must have a flame failure device. This feature will automatically shut off the gas supply to the hob if the flame is extinguished for any reason. Some hobs have an electronic ignition, which will automatically re-ignite the gas if it goes out.

Important Safety Announcement

   Care must be taken when installing gas hobs, as there are specific regulations that must be adhered to. There should be a minimum distance between a gas hob and the cooker hood or unit above of 650mm. If the hob is installed adjacent to a tall housing unit, then it should be at least 150mm from that unit. There should also be also be a gap on the other side of the hob of at least 750mm. If the hob is being installed in the gap between 2 tall units, then there must be a space of at least 300mm either side of the hob.
To avoid any confusion (and fires!), gas hobs should always be fitted by a GAS SAFE (formerly CORGI) registered fitter who will be familiar with these installation requirements. It is illegal otherwise.

Still not sure? Need more information? Read our frequently asked questions call us, or click here to email us.

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