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The Kitchen Appliance Store buyers guide to built in freezers

Avoid common ordering and installation errors

  • Check that the furniture housing you order is compatible with the appliance.
  • Do you need built in or built under? Make sure you know the difference.
  • A Built Under integrated freezer cannot be built into a tall unit.
  • A Built in integrated freezer cannot be built under your worktop.
  • Make sure you fit an integrated freezer carefully following the instructions with regard to ventilation, especially when the kitchen units are fitted to the ceiling.
  • Not all freezer doors are reversible - please check.
  • Ensure you have sufficient worktop depth for built under freezers to align with your units.

Refrigeration - Built in or built under?

      There is often confusion about the terms built in and built under. Freezers are either freestanding, built under or built in. Unfortunately though, a built under freezer can also be described as built in! This is because it is designed to fit under a worktop, but people think of it as being "built in" to their kitchen. It is confusing to say the least! Both types of installation are shown here.

Do I need to "vent" my appliance?

      It is vital that built in refrigeration is correctly installed and ventilated.

Here are 2 examples showing the ventilation requirements for a built in and built under products. If the furniture is being fitted to the ceiling (i.e. with ceiling scribes), then extra care will need to be taken. A vent in the ceiling scribe AND the plinth will be necessary to allow for the correct air-flow.

Please ask if you are unsure about any of the points mentioned above.

Integrated Freezers

      Integrated Freezers can be built under or built in, and are always fully integrated.

Built under Freezers are fairly straightforward, and would normally be adjustable in height from 820-870mm.

Matching larder fridges are available.

A freezer that is designed for a tall housing can vary in height between 875mm and 1800mm. The 875mm versions will normally be offered with a matching fridge. This enables the end user to make up a 50/50 freezer using separate machines.

The bottom freezer drawer is normally only half depth as the compressor is housed behind this area.

Frost Free integrated Freezers are available from all good manufacturers.

Fixing a Furniture Door To Your Freezer

There are two ways of fixing the furniture door.
  • Slider
  • Door on door
Slider Fixing

Slider fixings use hinges to attach the furniture door to the housing.
The door is then attached by a sliding bracket to the Freezer door.

This method often uses two sets of hinges. One set for the furniture door, and another for the actual Freezer door.
   Door-on-Door Fixing

Door on door means that the furniture door is attached to the Freezer by a bracket. The only hinges in use are those, which are part of the Freezer door itself. This system is generally considered to be better and is slightly more expensive.

Built under Freezers are always door on door fixing as they are not installed within a cabinet (just in between them).

If the above explanation is a bit confusing, you will normally find that our showrooms have both types on display and the difference will become apparent once you have seen them. Alternatively just give us a call.

View our range of built in freezers

View our range of built under freezers

Still not sure? Need more information? Read our frequently asked questions call us, or click here to email us.

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